Twitter Wall For Live Events: What Are The Benefits?

Create A Twitter Buzz Around Your Live Event

What Is A Twitter Wall?

The surge in event technology has brought with it a plethora of new terms, iBeacons, NFC badges, interactive displays, the list goes on! Once question we have been asked a few times, though, is: "What is a Twitter Wall?".

A Twitter Wall, (also called a Tweet Wall, or social media screen), is a software tool that displays Tweets on a large digital display in a visually engaging (often branded) manner. This may be shown on large LCD screens, projected in HD, or even on a large outdoor DooH screen.

These types of intractive event displays are becoming more & more popular, especially at conferences, exhibitions, festivals and even experiential marketing events. They may also be embedded on a webpage or microsite.

What Is A Twitter Wall

Why Does My Event Need A Twitter Wall?

Attendees of live events love to share their experience on social media. They share their story of the event, tweet quotes & pictures of speakers, and engage with the event hashtag. However, there are also many attendees who won’t tweet. They may forget, or may be busy being distracted by conference talks & networking. When it comes to getting social media shares of your event, leaving it to chance is a mistake.

Want A Social Media Wall? Try Any Plan - No Credit Card Required!
No Credit Card Required

Encourage At-Event Shares & Increase Viral Buzz

  • Project your live twitter wall onto the main stage display between speakers to encourage tweets about the talk that's just ended.
  • Display on screens in hallways, break-out spaces & lunch halls to keep the Twitter shares going during breaks.
  • We recommend enabling moderation so that your brand has full control over what tweets appear on your event screens, to drive engagement safely!
  • Run 'Snap & Tweet' prize draws with your event #hashtag to drive buzz & see your crowd go into sharing overdrive (many events that have used this tactic with the Curation Wall software have achieved trending hashtag status in Twitter)
  • Show rotating full-page adverts promoting your prize draw to further drive engagement.
  • Earn extra revenue for your event by showing sponsor's ads automatically on your wall, with controls over how often they are shown.

But Is Social Media Even Important For Events?

­­­Social media is a hugely powerful tool that can be incredibly effective when used before your event to drive awareness & bookings, during your event to go viral & amplify your event reach beyond physical attendees, and after your event to re-engage with attendees, grow your brand & pre-sell your next event.

In fact:

  • 77% - One study found that 77% of event marketers use social media to promote before and during their event.
  • 73% of brands surveyed in another study felt that, of all social networks, Twitter was the most effective at-event promotional tool, with Facebook being most useful before & after events.
  • 87% of Event Marketers stated that attendees share event content & experience, however:
  • Only 37% Event Marketers felt that they are being effective is this regard and only a very small percentage (23%) of event marketers are currently using social media during events to reach remote or non-attendees and industry members.

This means that despite social media offering an awesome tool for increasing bookings pre-event, driving engagement & going viral during the event, and re-engaging with attendees after the event, many event marketers are massively underutilising social media.

Create Your Social Media Wall – Try Any Plan - No Credit Card Required!
No Credit Card Required

How hard is it to create & manage a Twitter Wall?

To create a Twitter Wall from scratch is difficult. Not only do you have to know how to code, you also need to navigate the minefield of the rules & conditional laid out by the various social media platforms (each ‘API’ has different rules).

Luckily our software makes this process fast, painless. Creating an awesome looking branded event display is simple and requires no coding experience needed AT ALL.

After signing up, getting started is as simple as:

  • Name your wall
  • Tell the software what Twitter #hashtag you’d like to use
  • Choose if you’d like to moderate & approve shares before they go live
  • Optionally, use our simple point & click style customizer to visually brand your wall and make it your own.
  • Go grab a coffee, you’re done!

Your new social media wall can easily be shown on event displays, projected onto event displays, or even embedded on your website.

Featured Case Study:

Virtual Reality World Congress used Curation Wall to create an interactive social display for their #VRWC16 and #VWRC17 virtual reality events. The VR conference saw leading talent from oveer 20 countries come together for the tech-filled event.

The #VRWC campaign used:

  • Social Media Wall
  • Twitter Prize Draw
  • Fully managed moderation

The event achieved the great accolade of reaching the coveted top trends list for Twitter UK.

The Results

Total Social Shares
Potential Impressions
Potential Reach

How Do I Run A Twitter Prize Draw?

Twitter prize draws can be a great way to engage your event audience and can result in a huge spike in Tweets about your event.

Event sponsors can be encouraged to provide prizes, helping the sponsors gain increased exposure.

#VRWC17 Twitter Prize Draw Winner

Curation Wall’s in-built prize draws (available with Pro plans & above) make creating social media draws practically effortless. Our software also helps you conform with CAP rules, which means you don’t need independent moderation of your prize draw picking.

What Social Networks Can Be Supported? Just Twitter?

It depends on what social media platform you use. For example, Curation Wall supports a plethora of social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler, Google Plus, and even RSS feeds, so you can mix-in your blog posts on your event wall.

How expensive are Twitter walls?

As with what social networks are available, pricing depends on which social media wall platform you choose.

With Curation Wall, we have a superlight plan, a pro plan, and an enterprise plan. You can see what each plan includes on our pricing page.

Want A Social Media Wall? Try Any Plan - No Credit Card Required!
No Credit Card Required

What Our Clients Say

Our campaign focused on raising awareness of a new mobile payment service at Shell. Engaging with customers to download the Shell Motorist app (where Fill up & Go is) at 6 festival sites nationwide.

Many existing tools simply wouldn't have worked in experiential campaigns, as they are too rigid & unable to be effective in a live environment. Curation Wall understands this. Their software was perfect for our experiential campaign.

We'd definitely recommend Curation Wall to support anyone looking to create events for themselves or for their clients. Their tools are easily amongst the best available and their support & ability to make new & interesting things happen is second to none!

Haley Pearce, Bee Experiential

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