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  • 2 streams
  • Full Moderation
  • No Analytics
  • Updates Every 2hrs
  • 1 Customiser Theme
  • No Prize Draws
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  • 15 streams
  • Full Moderation
  • Full Analytics
  • Updates Every 5mins
  • Unlimited Customiser Themes
  • Unlimited Prize Draws
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What are streams?

A specific query on an app. For example, if the app is Twitter, the stream may be a #hashtag search, or a mention.

Each app can only have one stream enabled (so if the app was Twitter, you could select one stream, such as a hashtag search or @mention, but not both).

Each app can however be added multiple times to a board, subject to your plans app limit. As an example, if your plan has a limit of 4 apps, you may decide to have:

  • App: Twitter Stream: #summerholidays
  • App: Twitter Stream: @butlins
  • App: Pinterest Stream: Profile Pins
  • App: Facebook Stream: Page Feed

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