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Billed monthly
  • 5 streams
  • Full Moderation
  • 1 Month Analytics
  • Updates Every 30mins
  • 2 Customiser Themes
  • Limited Prize Draws
Billed monthly
  • 30 streams
  • Full Moderation
  • Full Analytics
  • Updates Every 5mins
  • Unlimited Customiser Themes
  • Unlimited Prize Draws
Limited budget? Check out our 'Light plan', it's feature-rich and only £49 per month!

Native iOS & Android
lead-gen apps:

Would you like to gather leads from your event, or perhaps you'd like to enter people into a prize-draw using an iPad, gathering their lead info and encouraging them to share an event photo to social media as part of the entry mechanic?

Our native app allows you to create custom forms in the Pinatag admin area using an intuitive drag & drop builder. Customise form fields, sync with Mailchimp, allow photo uploads and create customised emails that will be automatically send to your leads!

The native app system costs an extra fee per month as an add-on to your existing CurationWall plan. There's no fixed term contract, simple subscribe to the service for the months that you need it, then unsubscribe when your event is over - Simple! Please contact us for more details.


    What are streams?

    A specific query on an app. For example, if the app is Twitter, the stream may be a #hashtag search, or a mention.

    Each app can only have one stream enabled (so if the app was Twitter, you could select one stream, such as a hashtag search or @mention, but not both).

    Each app can however be added multiple times to a board, subject to your plans app limit. As an example, if your plan has a limit of 4 apps, you may decide to have:

    • App: Twitter Stream: #summerholidays
    • App: Twitter Stream: @butlins
    • App: Pinterest Stream: Profile Pins
    • App: Facebook Stream: Page Feed

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