Curation Wall Features

Curation Wall is a Feature-Rich Social Media Wall & Content Hub.

Key Curation Wall Features

Moderating Social Media Wall Content

Social Share Moderation

Avoid social media disasters by using Curation Wall's in-built moderation facility, allowing you to approve share before they appear on your event social media wall or website content hub. The Curation Wall admin interface is completely responsive, so you can even approve shares using your mobile phone.

    In-Built Social Media Prize Draws

    In-built Prize Draws

    Perfect for driving more engagement for your campaign, Curation Wall takes the stress out of setting up & managing social media prize draws. Our random pick algorithm conforms to CAP regulations for prize draws, meaning no external supervision of prize draws is needed.

      Customising A Social Media Wall

      'Point & Click' Style Customiser

      Brand your social media wall or content hub and make it your own. Our powerful customiser allows you to transform your Curation Wall to suit your needs. Change colours, sizes of social share cards, logos, header image and more. For all you techies out there, we allow custom CSS (we even provide you with CSS classnames!).

        Multiple Themes

        Multiple Theme Support

        Depending on the pricing plan you select, Curation Wall allows you to create multiple styles and save them as themes. Want to use a different style for your social media event display compared to your content hub? No problem. Need a different style hub for your blog compared to your main site? That's easy with Curation Wall!

          Fully Responsive Embedding

          Easy Responsive Embedding

          Embedding your Curation Wall content hub is easy. Simply copy & paste the embed code onto your website and you're good to go! Although this is simple to do, if you do have any problems, our support team are there to help.

            Social Media Analyctis Built-in

            Social Analytics With Export Options

            Depending on the pricing plan you select, Curation Wall comes with custom social media analytics and reporting. Many charts can be exported to PNG or even Vector images, making it easy to create impressive reports for your client or company board.

              Unlimited Traffic To Your Social Wall

              Unlimited Traffic

              Unlike some of our competitors, Curation Wall comes with an unlimited amount of traffic to your social media wall. Moreover, we host on Amazon's cloud services, meaning our social media walls & content hubs are on a fast, scalable, professional hosting solution. You can rely on our up-time and robost architecture.

                Native Lead-Gen Apps For Events

                Native Event Apps With Mailchimp Integration

                Depending on the pricing plan you select, Curation Wall comes with native iOS and Android event apps. Create custom, branded forms for mobiles & tablets and collect leads at your event. Our event apps integrate seamlessly into Mailchimp, with more integrations coming soon. If you have poor 3g/4g signal and slow WiFi (as is often the case at events) don't worry! Our apps have advanced offline capabilities and will store your form data and sync when they are next online!

                  What Our Customers Say

                  We contacted Curation Wall to see how their solution could help us build social engagement for our experiential work for Mars. It was great to check the Curation Wall social media wall & see all of the new posts coming in from students enjoying the experience. I can't wait to work with them again on our next project!

                  Tim Harris

                  Bee Experiential

                  Working with the Curation Wall team has been brilliant! We love seeing our climbers' social media shares on the big screen & level of stats we get thanks to Curation Wall is truly a game-changer. Amazing, simply amazing.

                  Tom Gape

                  Redpoint Bristol Climbing Centre

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