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Social Media For Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Social media walls for experiential campaigns, experiential marketing microsites, social media prize draws & strategy support.


What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential Marketing is a form of marketing that aims to immerse consumers in a branded experience, often by means of a fun & exciting activation.

Experiential campaigns can be highly successful in creating positive brand image by immersing those taking part or watching the activation in a multi-sensory experience they’ll remember.

Experiential activations often take the form of:

  • Live Events
  • Field Sales
  • Product Sampling
  • High-energy PR Stunes

Experiential marketing activations are an excellent choice for:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Shifting Brand Perception
  • NPD launches & Product Awareness
  • Charities & Campaigns

It is becoming more & more commonplace for Experiential campaigns to utilize social media, either as part of the main activations, to extend the coverage of the activation onto digital media after the event, or both

How Is Social Media Useful For Experiential Campaigns?

Social media can help deepen engagement at activations whilst also spreading word of the activation to the friends & social followers of those taking part.

In purely 'real-world' activations, experiential campaigns, though highly engaging for those taking part, only tend to reach the direct audience, somewhat limiting the reach of the campaign.

Social media, then, can extend this reach exponentially. As attendees are encouraged to share their experience of an activation, often live-tweeting, their social media connections are reached. As a percentage of those connections are also likely to re-share the posts, there is the potential that an exciting activation may go viral.

Social media walls can generate even more buzz by providing an added incentive for those at activations to share & on social media, as they see their shares on large screens. Social media optimised campaign microsites can be used to encourage social media activity before, during and after the activation, including running social media prize draws.

Do Curation Wall Run Experiential Campaigns?

The short answer to this is no, Curation Wall do not run experiential marketing activations. As we often partner with experiential agencies, we'd see this as a conflict of interests. However we can work with your internal team or experiential agency to provide expert social media support for your experiential campaign. Alternatively, we can recommend an experiential agency if required.

Can You Tell Me More About Your Experiential Agency Partnerships?

Certainly! Curation Wall have partnered with experiential marketing agencies on numerous occasions and it's our intention to continue with this practise.

We are able to offer experiential agencies:

  • Strategy Support
  • Assistance Integrating Social Strategy Into Pitch & RFP Plans
  • At-Event Support
  • Co-Branded Communications
  • Custom Software Solutions (native apps, web apps & prize draw software)
  • Custom Reporting

There's a lot more that we can do to support experiential agencies and we also partner with other B2B agencies. For more information on this please visit our Agency Partnerships page.

Curation Wall Features Perfect For Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Walls For Experiential Campaigns

Social Media Walls For Experiential Campaigns

Social media walls are the perfect addition to experiential campaigns. Encourage social media shares and showcase the buzz around your activation. With exportable reporting

    Experiential Marketing Campaign Microsites

    Experiential Marketing Microsites

    As well as being awesome for displays at you activation, Curation Wall is also perfect for campaign social media microsites. Simply copy & paste the embed code and you've got a response social media microsite! Additional microsite services available

      Social Media Analytics For Experiential Campaigns

      Advanced Analytics & Exportable Reporting

      Curation Wall features advanced custom analytics, with date-range filters & more. Many of our stats are exportable as CSVs, PNG images, or even EPS vectors for print-quality reporting.

        Experiential Agency & B2B Social Media Partnerships

        Partnerships For Experiential Agencies

        The Curation Wall team play nicely with others! We've supported experiential agencies with activations & can help with social media strategy, microsite creation, SEO, PPC & Social PPC & can also provide in-person support at your activations

          What Our Customers Say

          We'd definitely recommend Curation Wall to support anyone looking to create events for themselves or for their clients. Their tools are easily amongst the best available and their support and ability to make new and interesting things happen is second to none.

          Haley Pearce

          Bee Experiential

          We contacted Curation Wall to see how their solution could help us build social engagement for our experiential work for Mars. It was great to check the Curation Wall social media wall & see all of the new posts coming in from students enjoying the experience. I can't wait to work with them again on our next project!

          Tim Harris

          Bee Experiential

          Case Studies

          Shell Experiential Social Media With Bee

          Shell Experiential Social Media With Bee

          Social media consulting, custom software & at-event support for Shell & Bee

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          Virtual Reality World Congress

          Virtual Reality World Congress

          Conference social media wall & Social Prize Draw

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          Mars M&M's Social Media Content Hub

          Mars M&M's Social Media Content Hub

          A social media content hub for Mars M&M's experiential activation

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