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Social Media Wall For Events & Conferences

The professional social media wall, supporting Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & more.
Create a buzz at your conference or live event & watch social media engagement soar!

Social Media Walls For Events: Benefits Of Curation Wall

Social Media Walls are a great way to carry the buzz of your conference or other live event onto socal media. Social walls encourage visitors to share their experiences of you event online, driving digital engagement and amplifying the reach of your event way beyond those physically attenting.

Perfect For Conferences & Live Brand Events Alike:

Conferences: Curation Wall Can Make You More Than It Costs:

  • Our 'Event Days' mode has a built in, fullscreen ad-rotation system
  • Easily display full screen sponsor ads over your social media wall
  • Full control over timings, show ads occasionally or frequently
  • Sell premium sponsor ad-slots to conference sponsors & make much more than the cost of Curation Wall!

Live Events: Show Brand Videos & Ads In-Rotation Over The Social Wall

  • At live events, our ad-rotation system to show brand videos & ads
  • Show brand videos over your social media wall
  • Full control over timings, show ads occasionally or frequently
  • Showcase brand or product videos at live events, show commercial adverts, and more

Awesome Features We Think You'll Love.

Social Media Event Wall - Looks Great At Any Size

'Event Days' Mode (specifically for live events) or monthly plans

Want to use a social media wall just for the duration of your event? We've got you covered. 'Event Days' mode requires no monthly commitment, simple pay for the days you need. This mode has great features like additional moderation users & full-screen ad-slots, great for sponsors ads.
More details on Event Mode

    Avoid Social Media Disasters With Full Moderation

    Full Moderation Options to Avoid Event Social Media Disasters

    Avoid becoming the latest social media horror story, with full moderation of social shares before they appear on your event wall. Of course this can be disabled if you prefer.

      Avoid Social Media Disasters With Full Moderation

      Twitter 'realtime' updates

      Curation Wall use Twitter's 'realtme' API, so Tweets appear in your moderation queue or on your wall super-fast.

        Support For Multiple Social Networks And RSS Feeds

        More Than a Twitter Wall

        Curation Wall is more than just a Twitter wall, our software supports multiple social media networks, including Instagram, Facebook, and more. We also support RSS feeds, so you can mix-in your company blog posts & articles, great for getting attention to your latest content.

          Automated Social Media Prize Draws

          In-built Social Media Prize Draws.

          Easily set-up & run social media prize draws at your event using our in-built prize-draw tool, then watch the social buzz soar as attendees share on social media for a chance to win!

            Save Multiple Themes For Your Event Wall

            Multiple Themes For Multiple Screens!

            Use the same style on all your walls or create themes for different screens using our point & click customiser, no coding needed!

              Featured Case Study:

              Virtual Reality World Congress used Curation Wall to create an interactive social display for their #VRWC16 and #VWRC17 virtual reality events. The VR conference saw leading talent from oveer 20 countries come together for the tech-filled event.

              The #VRWC campaign used:

              • Social Media Wall
              • Twitter Prize Draw
              • Fully managed moderation

              The event achieved the great accolade of reaching the coveted top trends list for Twitter UK.

              The Results

              Total Social Shares
              Potential Impressions
              Potential Reach

              How To Use Curation Wall At Your Event

              We've established social media walls can be great for events, but how easy is it to set-up a social media wall for your event?

              The answer is, with Curation Wall setting up & managing your event's social media wall is simple and fast:

              Create your social media wall

              Create your social media wall

              Creating your event's social media wall is simple with Curation Wall. You can have your wall up & running in a matter of minutes!

                Add Streams To Your Wall

                Add Streams To Your Wall

                There are many options for streams, from Twitter Hashtag searches, to Facebook page posts or shares tagging your Facebook page, and more.

                  Style Your Wall & Add Advrts!

                  Style Your Wall & Add Advrts!

                  Curation Wall's point & click style customiser makes styling your wall easy. Want to make money from your wall? Sell full-page ads to your sponsors and easily add them to Curation Wall! (*event mode only)

                    Approve shares to go live

                    Approve shares to go live

                    Although moderation is optional, we strongly recommend it for live events. If moderation is enabled, you'll need to approve shares before they appear on your wall. 'Event Day' users are able to assign moderaton access to staff.

                      Display on your event screen and/or embed.

                      Display on your event screen and/or embed.

                      Display your wall on one or more displays. With the Event Days plan, you can create multiple themes and display them on different event displays. Each display can be styled differently. Want a photo wall from your tweets? That's easy too!

                        What Is Curation Wall's 'Event Days' Mode?

                        Our 'Event Days' mode has been specifically desiged for people who want to use a social media wall for their event. We think this makes Curation Wall the perfect social wall for events.

                        Why? because our Event Days requires no monthly commitment and you can get started without first making an account! (We make an account during the Event Day set-up and you can select the days you want to book on a calendar - everything is 100% streamlines, intuitive, and robust).

                        Event days have some excellent features (some of which are exclusive to the 'Event Days' plan, designed specifically for those running events:

                        • Super-fast sync times
                        • Moderation Users - Who only have access to approve or block shares
                        • Full-screen 'takeover' style ads - charge sponsors what you want for these premium ad-slots!
                        • Autoscroll option - Brings life to your social media wall
                        • Autoplay videos on your wall (muted) - Really draws visitors eye
                        • Custom CSS - Our customiser gives a LOT of design flexibility, however just in case, we support custom CSS.
                        • Remove Curation Wall branding - Hey, it's your event, not ours.
                        SOCIAL MEDIA WALLS FOR EVENTS - FAQ

                        How Can a Social Media Wall Help My Event?

                        Social media walls are a great way to encourage event attendees to share photos of your event on social media. Attendees get the gratification of seeing their shares appear on a large screen in front of the crowds, triggering a sharp rise in coverage of your event across the main social platforms. We’ve even seen event attendees tweet, wait for their tweet to be displayed on the big screen, then take a photo of their tweet on the social wall & tweet that!

                        If you use Curation Wall for your event social media wall however, the level of engagement goes way beyond this. On more than one occasion we’ve seen the #hashtags of events using Curation Wall hit Twitter’s national trending topics lists. We feel this is in part due to the features we have for event managers.

                        Is Curation Wall A Twitter Wall, Or An Instagram Wall?

                        Curation wall is both a Twitter Wall and an Instagram Wall... and much more. Our software supports many social networks, as well as RSS feeds of your blog posts. In addition to being a social media wall, we also have many features designed to make using social media at your event easier and more successful.

                        Scroll down & discover why Curation Wall is the professional choice for your event's social media wall.

                        What Our Customers Say

                        We contacted Curation Wall to see how their solution could help us build social engagement for our experiential work for Mars. It was great to check the Curation Wall social media wall & see all of the new posts coming in from students enjoying the experience. I can't wait to work with them again on our next project!

                        Tim Harris

                        Bee Experiential

                        Working with the Curation Wall team has been brilliant! We love seeing our climbers' social media shares on the big screen & level of stats we get thanks to Curation Wall is truly a game-changer. Amazing, simply amazing.

                        Tom Gape

                        Redpoint Bristol Climbing Centre

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