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Pull together articles, blog posts and social shares into a responsive, content & social media hub.


What Is A Content Hub?

Depending who you ask and what the context is, the term 'Content Hub' can mean many things. In this context however, a content hub is a website section that:

  • Displays curated content
  • Mixes in branded content
  • Includes aggregated social media shares

A content hub can form a part of a larger website, showcasing a brand's latest news mixed in with relevant social media shares, or alternatively, a content hub could be on a campaign microsite. In fact, some campaign microsites may consist entirely of a content hub.

Content marketing hubs are simply content hubs designed for use as part of a content marketing campaign. Something that Curation Wall is perfect for

What Is A Social Media Hub?

The term 'Social Media Hub' can also mean different things, depending on context.

In many cases, however, a social media hub is simply a content hub that's displaying content from social media networks, usually Twitter & Facebook, with additional networks such as Instagram, Tumbler and Vine being used in some instances.

Just as with any social media business use, it's important to use the channels that make sense for your campaign, usually the channels where either your customers, or influences of your customers, are active.

What Are The Benefits Of A Content Hub?

Most brands are active on multiple social networks, allowing them to engage with consumers on multiple digital touchpoints. Whilst this degree of brand-consumer communication has many rewards, even if expertly managed this can still result in content being spread over multiple channels, with no single point of reference to get a whole picture of a brand.

This is where branded content hubs come in. A content hub creates a highly engaging portal for visitors and helps reinforce a brand's story in the eyes of consumers.

Mixing in company articles & blog posts with curated, relevant social media in a fully mobile responsive content hub, drives engagement with the site.

With Curation Wall, all of this and more can be achieved without writing a single line of code. We make it 'point & click' simple.

Why Curation Wall For Your Content Hub?

Easy To Use Content Marketing Hub

Simple To Use, Yet Amazingly Flexible

Getting started is easy, just select the sources you'd like to pull content onto your hub from, then hit save.

    Customise Your Content Hub to Suit Your Website

    Point & Click Customisation

    Make your content hub your own, customising colours, header images, links, text & more. All without typing a single line of code!

      Embed On Your Website Easily

      Quick & easy to embed

      Once you have styled your content hub to match your brand or campaign, simple copy & paste the embed code onto your site.

        Fully Responsive Content Marketing Hub

        Fully Responsive Content Hubs

        It goes without saying that Curation Wall's content hubs are fully responsive, working on everything from mobiles, to websites, to huge projection walls.

          Social Media Analytics For Your Content Hub

          Social Media Analytics & Reporting

          Once your content hub is set-up, gain a wealth of insights from our social media analytics & Reporting. View share counts by network, see top-terms commonly used in shares, find out who engages with you the most... & more. Many charts can also be exported.

            What Our Customers Say

            We contacted Curation Wall to see how their solution could help us build social engagement for our experiential work for Mars. It was great to check the Curation Wall social media wall & see all of the new posts coming in from students enjoying the experience. I can't wait to work with them again on our next project!

            Tim Harris

            Bee Experiential

            Working with the Curation Wall team has been brilliant! We love seeing our climbers' social media shares on the big screen & level of stats we get thanks to Curation Wall is truly a game-changer. Amazing, simply amazing.

            Tom Gape

            Redpoint Bristol Climbing Centre

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            Shell Experiential Social Media With Bee

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            Virtual Reality World Congress

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            Mars M&M's Social Media Content Hub

            Mars M&M's Social Media Content Hub

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