Social Media Wall For Virtual Reality World Congress

Social Media Event Wall & Prize Draw for #VRWC16

The Event

The 2016 Virtual World Congress conference, run by Opposable Group, brought together 750 buyers, sellers & VR developers from across the globe (20+ countries, in fact). Attendees were treated to talks from 36 inspirational VR world leaders, and stands from 27 industry exhibitors.

Many large brands were in attendance to showcase their VR experiences & related tech, including AMD, HTC Vive, and more.

The popularity of the event is clear; the 2016 VR World Congress saw a 200% increase in the number of attendees from the previous year, with a projected 1500 attendees for 2017.

Leading Brands in Attendance:

Samsung at VRWC
Cry Engine at VRWC
Unity at VRWC

The Brief

There’s a lot of buzz around Virtual Reality at the moment and Opposable Group’s #VRWC16 event is no exception.

Rather than take this for granted though, Opposable Group were keen to capitalize on the natural buzz around their event and both amplify this to increase the buzz and deepen the engagement with event attendees.

The Challenges

There's no denying that #VRWC16 is an exciting & engaging event in a cutting edge industry, making this the ideal event to be shared socially.

The problem is, however, with so much exciting tech to play with and a raft of interesting talks by VR industry leaders, there's a lot to keep attendees' attention. This means it's important to encourage attendees to whip out their phones and share their amazing experience on social media platforms.

The Solution

Social Media Event Wall

To help encourage attendees to share on social media, Opposable Group used the Curation Wall's social media wall platform on a large digital display at the event, to drive social media re-engagement with the crowds.

The social media wall proved a popular feature, catching the eye of many event attendees, who saw photos of event's tweets on the large event screen, many of whom subsequently tweeted themselves

Social Media Wall For VRWC2016
Social Media Event Wall

Social Media Prize Draw & Social Media Ads

As a further incentive to share, Curation Wall used our automated social media prize draw feature to give away a Samsung Gear VR headset to one lucky winner. To enter, attendees had to simply live-tweet a photo of themselves at the event, with the #VRWC16 hashtag.

To promote the prize draw, we created several Twitter ads, targeted tightly around the event's geographical location and to the Twitter #VRWC16 hashtag.

The chance to win a Gear VR headset helped ensure attendees where keen to take a few moments to take a snap of the event on their phone, then share this on Twitter using the event hashtag.

Attended Moderation

Because of the high volume of social shares and to leave their team free to manage the event, Opposable engaged Curation Wall to manage the approval of social shares on their behalf.

The Results

Total Social Shares
Potential Impressions
Potential Reach

Trending on Twitter

The event hashtag, #VRWC2016, reach Twitter's UK top trending list during the event.

Prize Draw Winner

In addition to the above stats, the lucky winner was only too happy to tweet his prize when it arrived a few days after the event

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