Mars M&M's Experiential Campaign

Social Media Wall, Content Hub & Event Microsite For M&M's, With Bee

The brief

Experiential marketing agency, Bee, wanted a partner capable of driving social media buzz for a series of brand activations for their client, Mars M&M's.

Bee created an engaging sampling experience at University Fresher's Fairs, called #mostinamin. This was a fun contest in which students were challenged to see how many M&M's they could suck up with a straw and drop in a cup in one minute, with the results being updated live on a 'Top Gear' style leaderboard.

M&M's costumed characters were also in attendance at the event, to increase engagement.

Mars M&M's Experiential Activity
Mars M&M's Experiential Activity

Bee were looking for ways to showcase social media activity around the event as well as encouraging social shares, Curation Wall were engaged to develop this element of the campaign.

Moderation of social shares was also stated as an important factor, as the agency couldn’t risk inappropriate social media shares appearing on the Mars campaign microsite.

The challenges

The experiential campaign was fast-paced, with university students queuing up to take part in the #mostinamin contest. Staff wouldn't have long to take the photo of participants, gather their information in forms (for use in the contest as well as re-marketing for Mars) all the while engaging with students taking part in the contest, as well as those in the surrounding crowd.

Another challenge was encouraging students to take the time to share photos of the event to their social media accounts, especially during a busy fresher's fair event. It was important to make this as easy as possible for the students, to maximise shares.

The solution

Social Media Wall & Responsive Campaign Microsite

Curation Wall created a social media wall for the experiential campaign, then embedded this as a content hub on a mars branded microsite, on the domain (

We know that our client, Mars, was checking their social media wall every day and showing everyone in Mars what was happening.

Tim Harris, Bee Experiential

This allowed Bee to showcase social media activity from Twitter, Instagram and Vine in a highly visual and engaging way, all on one page.

Mars M&M's Content Hub
Marks M&M's Content Hub Microsite

Custom Lead Generation Web App

To save Bee's staff time, and to make sharing simpler & faster for students, Curation Wall created responsive web app, compatible with both iOs and Android devices, that made it easy for event staff to:

  • Take a photo of students whilst they take part in the brand activity, ensuring an engaging photo.
  • Allow the student to fill in their details including email & twitter handle.
  • Record the students' score during the contest.
  • Students were automatically emailed aready-made tweet to share that includes their photo & the campaign hashtag, reducing the friction & encouraging social shares.

As well as emailing the leads with their ready-to-share photo & event score, all contacts were added to Mailchimp via the Mailchimp API, for future remarketing options for Mars.

iPad app for Mars M&Ms Campaign
Custom Lead-Gen Web App

The results

Potential Twitter Impressions
Potential Twitter Reach
M&M's Distributed!

Best In Class Results

Bee's event was considered so successful by their client, that it was deemed by them to be a 'best in class' campaign. As a result of this, Bee were invited to attend Chartwell's supplier conference to demonstrate their campaign to representatives from around 80 leading brands.

Curation Wall also attended the event, which included digital displays showing both the Curation Wall and Curation Event screens, as well as lead-generation web apps on iPads.

Mars M&Ms Social Media Event Wall
Chartwells Supplier Conference

Client Feedback

We contacted Curation Wall to see how their solution could help us build social engagement for our experiential work for Mars. It was great to check the Curation Wall social media wall & see all of the new posts coming in from students enjoying the experience.

We know that our client, Mars, was checking their social media wall every day and showing everyone in Mars what was happening.

Curation Wall's ability to pull together a strategy on short time-lines with a non-standard brief & their ability to build a custom webapp allowed us to create a one-of-a-kind digital solution for Mars.

I can't wait to work with them again on our next project!

Tim Harris, Bee Experiential

Bee's Case Study Video

Bee produced a video case study video of their campaign, which can be viewed below

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