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Leading Inbound Marketing Conference Use Social Media Wall To Highlight Buzz

The brief

Learn Inbound, Dublin is a conference dedicated to spreading the knowledge of inbound marketing. Featuring industry leading speakers from across the globe, the event is packed full of useful insights and actionable tips.

Inbound marketing has seen a surge in popularity over recent years and this trend shows no sign of waning. Learn Inbound is becoming renowned for being an event with the highest caliber of speakers and a lack of 'sales pitch' talks, due to their very strict 'no sponsors on stage' rule.

It is also worth noting that Learn Inbound bucks industry trends and has a very good balance between male & female expert speakers, which is a refreshing change in the world of digital marketing conferences.

When talking with the Curation Wall team at the Turing Festival in Edinburgh, Mark Scully, the event's organiser, expressed his interest in Curation Wall's event social media walls, and explained he'd like to integrate social media with the real-world Learn Inbound event. As attendees of Learn Inbound are digitally savvy folks, who tend to be quite prolific social media sharers, the benefits of an event social media wall were obvious.

Mark was also interested to hear how Learn Inbound's sponsors, who are listed below, could benefit from the event's social media wall.

The challenges

As the Learn Inbound event was only a short time away, with all that's involved in organising such an event, there was little time for Learn Inbound to set-up the social media wall, or consider how sponsors could be brought into the social wall.

Additionally, as with any popular conference, the day of the actual event was likely to be very busy for the event staff, leaving little time to moderate and approve shares. Having moderation set-up is vital for events, as once a hashtag becomes popular, it's common for 'hashtag jacking' to take place. Without proper moderation, dubious posts could appear on a social media wall, which could be anything from embarrasing to disasterous, depending on the content of the shares.

The solution

Learn Inbound Dublin

Social Media Wall Creation

Curation Wall managed the creation & set-up of a Learn Inbound branded social media wall, automatically curating shares from Twitter hashtag shares (for 3 event hashtags), Facebook posts to & from the Learn Inbound Facebook page, and Instagram hashtag shares. Learn Inbound opted for our 'slideshow mode', which rotates between social media shares, displaying each in-turn full screen, on a steady rotation (this is just one option within our 'point & click' style customiser).

Sponsor Adverts In-Rotation

Sponsor Adverts at Learn Inbound

To help ensure the event's sponsors received benefit for the social media wall, each sponsor was given the chance to display a full screen image advert on the social media wall. The ads were shown in rotation every 10 minutes, displaying for 30 seconds per advert. This ensured that the event's sponsors received a good amount of 'screen time', whilst keeping the main focus of the social wall on highlighting attendess social media shares.

This feature is great for conference organisers, as they can sell sponsor ad slots and use Curation Wall's software to display the adverts with ease, generating extra revenue for very little effort. This can in effect mean making a profit by using Curation Wall's social media event screens, rather than it being a cost.

At-Event Moderation

Social Media Wall Moderation on Mobile

At Learn Inbound's request, the Curation Wall team handled the approving of social media shares. After a short Q&A session we had a good grasp on what was, and was not, deemed as acceptable content for the Learn Inbound event.

As Curation Wall's software works exceptionally well on mobile devices, our team was able to attend the event and moderate shares live using mobile phones. This ensured a good flow of social media shares to the event screen, with new shares often appearing within minutes of being posted.

360 Degree Video At Learn Inbound

360 Degree Video Recording

Learn Inbound were also interested in any other tech Curation Wall could bring along to deepen the digital engagement with their event. For this reason, we provided one of the recently released Samsung Gear 360 cameras, capable of recording 360 degree video footage. We explained that this was in-part an experiment as, with the venue being a nightclub, the lighting was subtle, so the 360 degree footage may be sub-optimal.

Despite the lighting being a bit too dark for perfect results, we have included the video below for anyone interesting in 360 degree video.

Watching this video with a Virtual Reality headset on would of course be more immersive.

The results

Shares On The Day
Approved Shares On The Day
Average Shares Per Minute

Trending on Twitter

The Learn Inbound event proved so popular on social media, that the event hashtag, #LearnInbound, reached the number one slot on Twitter's national trending lists.

Learn Inbound Trending on Twitter
#LearnInbound Trending Nationally At No.1

Client Feedback

It was a pleasure to work closely with the Curation Wall team to provide a branded social media wall for our attendees to check out throughout the conference.

Not only were the team able to provide us the functionality to curate the best tweets from our attendees, the platform also provided us the ability to give our sponsors added brand visibility through rotated full-page ads.

The feedback from attendees and sponsors has been overwhelmingly positive, and the option to embed the conference social media wall into blog posts has given our content a level of interactivity that we never imagined would be possible.

I couldn't recommend Curation Wall more highly to any event organisers, and I'd have no hesitation in working with the platform for future Learn Inbound conferences.

Mark Scully, Learn Inbound

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