About CurationWall

CurationWall is more than just a Twitter wall, it's a versatile social media marketing platform for events that incorporates a social media wall, a full-screen digital display advertising system, and a social media contest management solution.


Your event visitors WILL be using social media; own that conversation at your event


Build a branded, visually stunning story of your event using your visitor's social media shares. Display on large event screens & embed on your website


Create social media contests to really build engagement with event visitors & incentivize social shares


Our solution encourages shares and amplifies your event's reach way beyond actual attendees, creating a buzz on social networks

Event Mode

Perfect for large digital displays at events, with full-screen
featured posts for maximum impact!


Easy Set-up Wizzard

No headaches - With our step-by-step set-up wizard you can have your first Pinboard up in minutes

Instant Live or Fully Moderated

Avoid social media disasters by opting to approve all posts before they go live on the big screen

PinEvent Mode - Full Screen

Perfect for large digital displays at events, with full-screen featured posts for maximum impact

Adverts & Videos In-Rotation

Full-screen ads & videos shown in-rotation with social media shares, to promote your event to the masses

On-Brand Social Media Wall

Upload brand logos & define the pinboard's colour palette to ensure your pinboard is on-brand

Amazing analytics & reports

Impress the board with detailed engagement reports, branded pdf downloads & Excel exports

Looks great on all displays

Pinboards are responsive & will work on everything from smartphones to large digital signage boards

Self-service or fully managed

Our Pinboards are easy to set-up, however we also offer a fully managed service, including digital display hire

One-Off Event or On-Going

Configure a pinboard for a one-off event, or sign-up for a monthly plan & embed on your website - we're flexible!

How it Works

Setting up a social media wall with CurationWall is easy, however if you require a complex set-up, consultancy on tactics, or are looking for a 'done for you' service, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Customise Your Social Media Wall

Select Hashtag

Start by selecting your event's hashtag. Choose a hashtag that's unique.

Select Your Hashtag

Customise Your Board

Use the CurationWall wizard to customise your social media wall. Upload a logo and select your brand colours - it's easy with CurationWall!

Mars M&M's Social Media Wall

Publish Board

Publish your social media wall and watch your visitors social shares appear on the big screen, with optional moderation before they go live

Engage Audience

Engage Audience!

Audiences love social media walls. Watch engagement soar when your visitors see their shares on large event screens


CurationWall don't just provide one of the best social media walls out there, we can also develop bespoke marketing technology solutions for events including:

  • Web/Mobile apps
  • NFC & iBeacon technology
  • Facial recognition for events
  • Social media sharing photobooths & stands



Discover How CurationWall Helped Experiential Marketing Agency, Bee, Maximise on Social Media Engagement For Mars M&Ms

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“The social media wall that CurationWall created as a
campaign microsite brought our live activity to
the web in a brilliantly interactive way, massively
increasing our campaigns engagement.”

Tim Harris


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We contacted CurationWall to see how their solution could help us build social engagement for our experiential work for Mars. It was great to check the CurationWall wall & see all of the new posts coming in from students enjoying the experience. We know that our Mars client was checking it every day and showing everyone in Mars what was happening.

CurationWall's ability to pull together a strategy on short time-lines with a non-standard brief & their ability to build a custom webapp allowed us to create a one-of-a-kind digital solution for Mars. I can't wait to work with them again on our next project!

Tim Harris, Engagebee.com

Working with the CurationWall team has been brilliant! We're super-excited about being one of the first ever #connectedclimbing walls. CurationWall's solution using NFC, QR codes and smart digital displays is simply brilliant. We love seeing our climbers' social media shares on the big screen!

The level of stats we get thanks to CurationWall's solution is truly a game-changer when it comes to targeted advertising opportunities. We can now track lots of data, easily make sense of that data, and automatically show adverts that are perfectly targeted to our climbers' skill level. Amazing, simply amazing

Tom Gape, Redpointbristol.com

Want to create a social media buzz at your event? Speak to our strategy team!


Alternatively email: hello@curationwall.com with any questions.